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    Oof, Diplo Tried To Text Justin Bieber, Who Straight-Up Acted Like He Had The Wrong Number

    "Where are you now?" —Diplo @ Justin's "wrong number"

    When you think of Justin Bieber and Diplo, there's a chance you think of their iconic 2015 collab with Skrillex, "Where Are Ü Now."

    Diplo holding an award and Justin Bieber in a Rangers jersey

    However, in a new TikTok, Diplo revealed that the pair's relationship hasn't always been super...smooth.

    "Yo biebs, it's Wes! Was dope linking with you last night," Diplo texted the superstar back in 2017.

    Screenshot of TikTok screen, with Diplo texting "Singer from afterparty"

    "Hey this isn't 'biebs,'" the number ominously replies. "I think someone gave you the wrong number. Sorry."

    Screenshot of TikTok exchange

    Hey ho, a wrong number — it happens! Biebs probably has a billion phones, right? Well...

    ...Diplo then showed the second part of their conversation, and yup — it looks like Justin just pretended that Diplo had the wrong number.

    Screenshot from TikTok exchange

    A "Justin" replied from the same number asking about vocals, meaning that the jig was truly up.

    Close-up of TIkTok exchange, with date and time circled

    I, for one, have so many questions! Why is Justin saved as "Singer from afterparty," when they've worked together before? Did Diplo not have Justin's number beforehand? I guess this makes sense — most of my coworkers don't have my number, and I'm not a celebrity. But does this mean that Diplo and Biebs are about to release something new???

    Close-up of Diplo

    I think I need to go lie down.