After Memes Of Her Saying "Traw-mah" Went Viral, Jamie Lee Curtis Reacted At New York Comic Con

    "It was this incredibly beautiful film about Laurie and her trauma, and I've seen the meme, so don't worry."

    If you've come across Jamie Lee Curtis' Halloween press interviews in recent years, you may have noticed that she loves to emphasize how much the movies deal with trauma. Or, should I say, traw-mah.

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    Yes, a supercut of JLC saying "trauma" has meme-d its way around the internet for quite some time now:

    being asked to do something that is literally in the job description:

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    Well, speaking at New York Comic Con, Jamie confirmed that she has seen the memes — and they don't exactly bother her.

    Jamie Lee Curtis onstage at New York Comic-Con

    She began by explaining how she got involved in the most recent Halloween iteration, saying, "Jake Gyllenhaal, who is my godson, called me and said that David Gordon Green — who he'd worked with on the fantastic movie Stronger about the Boston bombing — would like to talk to you about a Halloween movie."

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    As for what David did differently, he told Jamie, "Laurie Strode, at 17, survived that night. Her friends were killed. And I believe that Laurie Strode went to school November 2, 1978, with a bandaid on her arm. And at that moment, nobody said a word. There was no therapy. There was no hope."

    Laurie Strode in "Halloween"

    "David Gordon Green sent me a script where he said, 'I think Laurie's been spending 40 years living behind barbed wire, emotionally, physically, spiritually. That's her only purpose in life, at the expense of her daughter and her granddaughter, she knows Michael Myers is coming back."

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    "It was this incredibly beautiful film about Laurie and her trauma, and I've seen the fucking meme, so don't worry!" she added. "It was funny."

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    "But the movie also made a fucking fortune, so fuck you."

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    Well, off I fuck!

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