Hilaria Baldwin Addressed Her 26-Year Age Gap With Husband Alec Baldwin, And Nothing Could Have Prepared Me For This

    “Sometimes, I’m his mommy."

    I know what you're thinking: "What I really need today is comment about a relationship straight out of a Freudian nightmare made by a woman possibly most famed for not being Spanish." Well, you're in luck! Hilaria Baldwin discussed her 26-year age difference with husband Alec Baldwin.

    Closeup of Hilaria and Alec Baldwin

    Hilaria and Alec first met at a restaurant in New York City in 2011 and tied the knot a year later. They have, notably, had seven kids together. In Googling this, I also discovered that Hilaria said that she first saw a movie of Alec's when she was 4 years old. Cooooool!

    Alec and Hilaria Baldwin posing with their kids

    Anyway, Hilary recently gave an interview with Romper where she described having babies with Alec as "creating love." However, her motherly instincts apparently are not just limited to her seven actual children.

    Hilaria Baldwin walking down the street holding drinks

    “Am I [Alec's] mommy?” she said with a reported giggle. “Sometimes, I’m his mommy. Sometimes."

    Closeup of Hilaria Baldwin

    "At the beginning of our relationship, everyone was like, ‘She must have daddy issues because she’s married to somebody older.’ But it’s actually the opposite," Hilaria added.

    Closeup of Hilaria and Alec Baldwin

    As for what Alec had to say about Hilaria: "I admire her, and I have faith in her integrity. She’s incredibly decent, and she’s obviously a beautiful woman. I’m madly in love with her. And she can be a gigantic pain in the ass sometimes, but that’s marriage. But I feel like I know a lot of friends of mine who get into a routine, and everything’s about their kids. Who has more of a reason to make everything about our kids but us with so many, yet we still try to hold onto some time for ourselves."

    Closeup of Alec Baldwin

    Aren't you glad you read this?!