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25 Huge Revelations From Meghan Markle And Prince Harry During Their Oprah Interview

A lot was said in two hours.

Tonight, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's hotly anticipated tell-all Oprah interview aired — and it was well worth the wait.

Here are just some of the biggest takeaways from the interview:

1. Meghan never looked up Harry online.

2. Before Meghan met the Queen for the first time, Harry asked if she knew how to curtsy.

3. Harry and Meghan got married in private three days before the public ceremony.

4. Meghan denied making Kate cry — and, in fact, says the opposite happened.

5. Meghan said that there was a double standard in the media between her and Kate.

6. Meghan said she initially went along with what the Firm wanted, as she thought they would protect her — only to discover the opposite was the case.

7. Meghan said that she asked for help around the time of the couple's Australia tour.

8. Meghan and Harry were told that Archie wouldn't be a prince and wouldn't receive any security.

9. There were also conversations with Harry about "how dark" Archie's skin would be.

10. Meghan said that her mental health got so low, she contemplated suicide — but "the Institution" did not help her, despite her "begging."

11. Meghan and Harry are having a baby girl.

12. Harry said that the simplest reason that they left their positions in the family is because of a “lack of support and lack of understanding."

13. Harry said that he was seeing "history repeat itself" with Meghan, and that it reminded him of the way his mom was treated.

14. Harry said that he didn't "blindside" the Queen with news of their departure.

15. Harry said that the royal family is scared of the tabloids turning on them — and it influenced them refusing to speak out on the racist abuse Meghan faced in the media.

16. Meghan denied having orchestrated "Megxit," saying that she planned to be in the royal role forever.

17. However, Harry said that he wouldn't have been able to leave the royal family without Meghan.

18. Harry says that the royal family cut him off financially in the first part of 2020, and he relied on what his mother left him.

19. Harry said that his relationship with the Queen is good, but that there is some strain with his relationships with Charles and Will.

20. The streaming deals were never part of the original plan, but were suggested by a friend amidst the pandemic.

21. Harry and Meghan did call the Queen to ask about Phillip after he went to hospital.

22. Harry said he was "hurt" by the Queen's decision to remove all royal patronages and honorary military titles — but said her decision had nothing to do with their Oprah interview.

23. Meghan's one regret is, "Believing them when they said I'd be protected."

24. Finally, right now, Harry is extra loving life with Meghan, Archie, and their dogs...

25. And Meghan said that her story with a prince does have a happy ending.

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