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    I Am Baffled By Gwen Stefani's Shoes With Blake Shelton's Face On Them

    Blake Shoe-ton.

    Alright, you probs know by now that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are married, together, the whole shebang.

    Gwen and Blake on stage after a performance

    Now, celeb couples tend to have a lot of ~interesting~ ways of showing their love for one another, from Travis Barker's Kourtney Kardashian tattoo to Machine Gun Kelly wearing a vial of Megan Fox's blood, it's quite a list!

    Gwen, in a gown, and Blake, in a suit smiling for the camera at an awards show with LL Cool J in the background

    So, behold this picture of Gwen walking in LA. All looks normal, right?

    Wait a second...



    As I was obviously quite taken by this, I did some serious investigative journalism™ and discovered that Gwen has had these shoes since at least 2017. In celeb years, this is approximately all eternity.

    But that's not all the Blake fashion tributes Gwen has! She's got a "Shelton" necklace and once wore a white shell dress to the Grammys...because SHELton.

    Anyway, would it be weird to get Vans with my own face on them? Asking for a friend.