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    15 Tweets For People Who Use Em Dashes Way Too Much

    I could try to use fewer — but it's just so enticing.

    1. First, it's hard not to have your head turned by the em dash — even when other forms of punctuation might be a better fit.

    2. After all, using a meager period feels like blasphemy — there are simply too many thoughts for one sentence.

    me: just start a new sentence me to me: use another em dash

    3. And our love of the em dash is enduring — regardless of whether it requires a bit of extra keyboard maneuvering.

    put an em dash button directly on the keyboard, you cowards

    4. Indeed, I remember the day I discovered the em dash — because all other punctuation suddenly seemed redundant.

    5. The impulse to em dash — even if it may seem gratuitous — can simply be too strong.

    trying to write a sentence without an em dash

    6. Use of the em dash may be to the chagrin of many editors and — dare I say it — readers.

    The em dash—and I will die on this hill—is the most superior punctuation mark

    7. Whether or not it makes grammatical sense — and it often doesn't — is truly beside the point.

    *my writing process* me: this seems like a good place to put a comma other me: no clint, put an em dash... me: but I don’t think that’s grammatic— other me: em dash... me: but i already put one in the— other me: PUT THE EM DASH IN NOW CLINT PUT EM DASHES EVERYWHERE BWAHAHA

    8. After all, the em dash is certainly versatile — because who doesn't love a bit of drama?

    Finally, it's my time to shine! An em dash (—) is the punctuation mark you use for: a pause a shift in thought/narrative DRAMA MORE DRAMA okay this could probably be a semicolon or a colon or maybe I could write a less complicated sentence but it looks SO COOL fuck yeah em dash

    9. The temptation of the superfluous em dash is strong — one of many cherries on top of the sundae.

    “How many times did you use an em dash in this story?”

    10. Indeed, love of the em dash should be a litmus test for any relationship — or, perhaps, life.

    The Em Dash is the duct tape of grammar. When in punctuation doubt—slap one in and go. If anyone loves you less for it—maybe they never loved you in the first place.

    11. There's almost a poetic quality to the em dash — although many resist it at first.

    In the past year I fallen, after years of resistance, into headlong love with the em dash. I love the way it can create the feeling of a fractured/incomplete/interrupted line or thought.

    12. Em dashes may quickly light up a computer search like stars in the sky — irrespective of our intentions.

    hi I've become the kind of writer who can't resist—doesn't want to resist—working in at least one em dash into every single paragraph that I write

    13. Of course, there may be a time — quite a lot of times — when using em dashes is almost tantalizingly villainous.

    me putting yet another em dash in my writing

    14. The sheer joy — the simple joy — of the em dash is unmatched.

    sorry i can’t talk today, i’ve got some pretty intense editing to work on *changes a comma to an em dash* all done!!

    15. In short — em dashes for life.

    Is the em dash the best form of punctuation or are you wrong