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People Are Sharing When They Knew Their Marriages Were Over, And I'm Seriously Shocked By Some Of Them

"I ended up in therapy with his mom instead of with him."

People realize that relationships are over in different ways: For some, it's a slow burn, but for others, one moment can suddenly make everything clear.

Recently, Reddit user wimpyhunter asked, "Divorcees of Reddit, when did you know your marriage was over?" Here are just some of the wildest and most heartbreaking responses:

1. "When I read her texts to another dude about how much fun she had screwing him, and how quickly they could marry once she was 'free.' I got divorced four months later — and those two lovebirds broke up when he wouldn’t leave his wife."


2. "When I realized that I'd been trying to guess what mood she'd be in when I got home from work so I could enter the house 'appropriately' and not make her any angrier than she'd already be."


3. "When I would go down into the basement and pretend to do laundry to get time by myself away from her."


4. "When our power was shut off, but he had just purchased a new 'fun' car for himself — three weeks after totaling his other 'fun' car."


5. "We were living with her parents so that we could afford for her to be a stay-at-home mom. I was very unhappy living with them and told her I wanted to move out. She said the only way that was happening was if I doubled my income — because she wasn't going to work. So I moved out without her."


6. "My wife wanted a break, so I moved out. I came back to collect some items, and I found a couple of condoms in the trash. Honestly, she did me a favor."


7. "My spouse sent me an email that said he didn't love me anymore. However, I actually knew when he announced his engagement to an 18-year-old a few days after we signed the divorce papers. I was a little slow there."


8. "When I ended up in therapy with his mom instead of with him."


9. "I'd just come home from another 12-hour shift at work. The baby's diaper was dirty, the house was a mess, the sink was stacked with dishes, and my ex was goofing around on the computer like always. I had a light bulb moment where I realized it was easier to do it all alone."


10. "When I was in the hospital after delivering our baby via C-section, he asked if he could bring me some food the next day. I said I wanted a burrito. He said he wasn’t going to a Mexican place, he was going to Panera. The next day he walked in with a Panera bag, sat down, and proceeded to eat his lunch in front of me. Didn’t get me anything because he said, 'You never told me what you wanted.'"


11. "When I put on lingerie and he said, 'Do we have to? Just because it's our wedding night?' Four months later, we still hadn't had sex since our wedding — despite having done so prior to that."


12. "When I came home early from the Army and found another guy in my bed."


13. "After my double mastectomy, the doctor recommended that we sleep in separate beds for six weeks so I could heal. When that passed, I said I was going to sleep in the master with him and he told me not to bother, since I 'wasn’t really a woman anymore.' We’d been married less than a year."


14. "When she hid and lied about a $35,000 credit card debt at a 29% interest rate. Then she threw a tantrum because I said she shouldn't go on a mini vacation with her friend and our children."


15. "The day I got a call from his mistress, while he was in the room with her, telling me she wasn’t his first mistress. I came to find out that there had been at least three long-term mistresses."


Did you have a moment when you realized your relationship was over? LMK in the comments!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.