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    Dax Shepard Shared The "Disturbing" Christmas Decorations Kristen Bell Made, And They're Both Incredible And Mildly Terrifying

    "I thought it had destroyed Newtonian physics as I knew it."

    Dax Shepard shared the Christmas tree decorations Kristen Bell made, and they're both terrifying and wholly impressive.

    "You may have heard...about the Christmas tree that scared the shit out of me," Dax began over on his Instagram. "I thought it had destroyed Newtonian physics as I knew it. Some people are curious as to what it looks like, and are you ready?"

    And, let me tell you, I was not ready for this ENTIRE GRINCH tree. I just know I would wake up in the middle of the night, forget it was there, and think my house was being robbed.

    The Christmas tree is covered in decorations, but the top of the tree is bending downward and there are Grinch legs coming out the side of the tree

    As Dax points out, the Grinch's spooky little hand is even poking out the other side.

    A more zoomed out view of the tree shows that the Grinch's hand is coming out the side opposite from where his legs are

    However, the most "disturbing" part of the tree to Dax is the "droop" Kristen has managed to achieve on the top of the tree.

    "Hope that satiates everyone. Kristen Bell, you're a fucking genius," he added.

    Over on Dax's podcast, Armchair Expert, he explained, "The theme of our Christmas — which is adorable, I didn't even know you could pick a theme — is Dr. Seuss Christmas, or Grinch Christmas."

    As for how the top of the tree was achieved, he continued, "Kristen built this whole prosthetic on top of the tree that bends it over — but it's all bent metal covered in fake pine tree."

    "She then took the Grinch outfit I had worn in the Hello Bello commercial and she stuffed him," Dax said of the Grinch's origins.

    Dax wearing a Grinch costume in a commercial

    Kristen herself seemed to be a fan of the shoutout, as she reposted the video on Instagram and wrote in the caption, "When you make something crafty and it fools your whole family, THAT'S a Christmas miracle."

    Well, in the hallowed words of Dax: "Some people are playing on Xmas. Not Kristen. She’s here to kick ass and drink beer, and unfortunately for her Christmas competitors, she appears to be all out of beer."