Hang On, Chris Olsen Posted A Series Of Pics Kissing Ryan Trainor, Meghan Trainor's Brother

    "Australia u were so good to me."

    TikToker Chris Olsen might be in a new relationship with...Ryan Trainor, Meghan Trainor's brother?

    Chris Olsen stands with his hand in his pocket as he poses for photographers at a red carpet event. He's wearing a suit and a sheer shirt

    As you're likely well aware, Chris initially catapulted to TikTok fame with a series of videos with his ex, Ian Paget. However, the two split over a year ago.

    Amid Chris's professional and personal relationship with Meghan, he's made plenty of content with Ryan as well. For one, Ryan is Meghan's cohost on their podcast Workin' on It, which Chris has appeared on. Chris also made a TikTok in August saying that Ryan was "single, and he is for the girls!"

    Chris and Meghan pose together at a red carpet event

    Well, in a new Instagram post, Chris posted a number of photos of him and Ryan kissing, alongside the caption, "Australia u were so good to me."

    Now, with plenty of folks, this would be firm hard launch territory. However, given that Chris has a slight tendency of exaggerating his relationship with the Trainors (see: Chris saying that they were all childhood friends), it's possible this is all a big tease. Which, fair enough! It's obviously working.


    WE WERE WILD KIDS 🥺🥺 @meghantrainor @Ryan Trainor #nantucket

    ♬ I'm Just a Kid - Simple Plan

    Over on Ryan's TikTok, he posted a clip from a recent episode of Workin' on It, where Chris was a guest (the trio were all in Australia). In the clip, Meghan asked if Ryan had a girlfriend — to which he swiftly replied "No" and changed the subject.


    Leave me alone @meghantrainor @workinonitpod @flightfuelcoffee #workinonitpod

    ♬ original sound - Ryan Trainor

    Elsewhere in the podcast, Chris talked about where he's living, saying, "Wherever I have a crush is where I'll be" — to which Ryan says, "Am I gonna move to Australia? I'm just kidding."

    When Meghan asks again if he has a girlfriend, Ryan continued, "I'm curious as [to] what the dating scene for the gays is in Australia, because all the women here complain about Australian straight guys. This girl I've been hanging out with, she's like, 'I only like Americans.'"

    ...Guess we'll have to see what happens!