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Chris Evans Confirmed His Relationship With Alba Baptista On His Instagram Story

Guys, I think the triple heart emojis means it's serious.

Sound the alarm: Chris Evans confirmed his relationship status.

A close-up of Chris at a red carpet event

To a certain extent, this is wholly unsurprising. In November, People reported that he had been "quietly dating" 25-year-old Portuguese actor Alba Baptista for over a year. And as the old saying goes, "When it is reported that a celebrity is in a relationship, it is only a matter of time before they go Instagram official."

A closeup of Alba smiling at a photo call

Hello, that day is now! Chris posted a montage of him and a lady jumping out at one another over 2022.

Chris in what appears to be in a laundry room

And who should that lady be? Yeah, duh, it's Alba.

They look very happy.

And also scared.

Alba doubled over as she recovers after being scared

Chris's dog even makes an appearance!

Chris's dog running after him

Oh, such hijinks.

Chris on the floor laughing as Alba stands over him

Good to know that I could not date Chris Evans, for I would have noped out after the second jump scare.