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Cardi B's Latest Nude Jumpsuit, Complete With Nipples And Pubes, Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

"It represents the purest form of women bodies."

Cardi B is certainly no stranger to an out-there outfit, by any means. And, as variety is the spice of life, etc., etc., this means we've been treated to many a bold look throughout the years.

However, the custom Jean Paul Gaultier jumpsuit that Cardi wore this past weekend might top the list for, err, somewhat obvious reasons.

Cardi B onstage

The look was for a private performance at the Chase Sapphire Lounge in Miami. Apparently, she was paid a cool $1 million for a 35-minute performance.

A special moment of contemplation for Cardi's extremely long nails, which Cardi's cousin said "look like hookah tips."

Cardi B onstage

And to think, I spent my Saturday night in bed at 9.30 p.m. I am very boring.

Cardi B onstage

When asked about the 'fit online, Cardi replied that it represents "the purest form of women bodies."

Yes … it’s a custom Jean Paul Gaultier look and it represent the purest form of women bodies

Twitter: @iamcardib

This isn't the first time Cardi has opted for a nude-illusion look — you might recall this 2021 Pierre-Louis Auvray look dress:

FWIW, I'm also reminded of Doja Cat's Garo Sparo jumpsuit from the 2020 AVN Awards.

Doja Cat onstage

And acts as a more literal interpretation of the naked dresses we've seen on red carpets of days and years past:

In the words of Cardi herself: "Fuck it."