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    Cardi B's See-Through Dress May Well Be The Most Baffling Thing I See All Day

    Of course it would B Cardi.

    Hey, ever had a dilemma where you want to wear cable knit but look sexy, and also a bit like an optical illusion? Well, Cardi B has a solution for you!

    Cardi debuted this sweater weather–meets–superhero look on Instagram, and I am, quite frankly, stunned:

    It is sheer! It is knit! It is both things!!

    The shapes!

    As for where Cardi wore this dramatic ensemble, she wore it on a shopping trip in Beverly Hills.

    In case you were wondering, the dress was designed by Pierre-Louis Auvray. Here it is on a mannequin, for reference:

    BRB, off to glue-gun some sweaters.