Lord, TikTok Star Bryce Hall And The Sway House Are Facing Backlash For Hosting Another Huge Party

    Just stay home, people.

    Today in "Why do influencers find it so hard to stay in their huge manors?" news: TikTok star Bryce Hall is in some hot water for hosting a birthday party at the Sway House — with well over a hundred people in attendance — on Friday night.

    For context, the Sway House is a collection of TikTok ~influencers~ who all live together — including Bryce, who has a low-key 12.9 million followers on the app.

    As documented by Def Noodles, Bryce's 21st birthday was marked with a socially distanced and mask-filled celebration...if only! The mansion was packed with nary a mask to be seen.

    Bryce Hall and Sway House throw massive party in Hollywood Hills with over a hundred people. The Sway boys recently moved from Bel Air to a secluded house in the Hollywood Hills. Party was broken by LAPD around 4am. This is a long thread. What are your thoughts @MayorOfLA?

    In a statement given to Insider, Def Noodles said that this was at least the third party hosted at the Sway House within four days.

    Oh, and just in case you had this in your 2020 bingo, Harry Jowsey from Too Hot to Handle was there.

    Harry Jowsey from Netflix’s “Too Hot To Handle” and Faze Banks at Bryce Hall’s party at Sway House

    There were also strippers dressed as police officers...

    Bryce surprised with male strippers at the party at Sway House. ⚠️ WARNING: Some Videos From Here On May Have Some Sexual Content. Videos With Content Of That Nature Will Have a Warning Like This One ⚠️

    ...that is, until the actual police arrived at 4 a.m.

    The moment LAPD arrived around 4AM PST at Bryce Hall’s party at the Sway House

    FYI, gatherings are currently banned in LA, and new COVID-19 cases are very much being driven by younger people — which is super concerning because, although younger people are less likely to be seriously affected, they can easily pass on the virus to more vulnerable people.

    Bradley Martyn and Nelk boys at Bryce Hall’s party at Sway House

    Subsequently, people were far from happy about the whole debacle:

    @defnoodles @MayorOfLA Whatever brand deals, sponsorships etc should all be revoked. Their online platform from twitter insta til Tok triller YOUTUBE etc should all be banned. These guys don’t need the platform they were given

    @defnoodles @MayorOfLA My family is on the front line, has been for months, risking their lives, working overtime, and these kids just party like nothing wrong. The kids shouldn't be famous and honestly, I don't know why they are famous in the first place.

    @defnoodles @MayorOfLA America is never gonna get out of this quarantine smh

    As for Bryce himself, he posted "I love my friends" on Twitter.

    Unfortunately, Bryce and the Sway House are far from the only influencers to have been called out for partying during the coronavirus pandemic. Subsequently, LA's mayor has threatened to cut off offending houses' power and water — and it looks like this might be happening to the Sway House soon.

    i have way too much personal shit going on to deal with these attention seeking clowns risking lives for clout - im not talking about them anymore, im goin back on break for a bit, but spoke to the mayor’s office. good luck with no power or water after tuesday guys. ttyl.