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15 "Hamilton" Quizzes To Take If You Can't Get The Songs Out Of Your Head

The quizzes where it happens.

1. If You Can Name More Than 10 Songs From "Hamilton," I'll Be Satisfied

2. Do You Know All 793 Words Of "Satisfied" From "Hamilton" Or Are You Normal?

3. Which "Hamilton" Character Are You?

4. This Is The Hardest "Hamilton" Trivia Quiz You Will Ever Take In Your Life

5. Are You More Like Aaron Burr Or Alexander Hamilton Based On Your Response To These Scenarios?

6. How Well Do You Know "Hamilton"?

8. Do You Have The Same "Hamilton" Opinions As Everyone Else?

9. Which "Hamilton" Song Matches Your Personality?

10. Let's See If Your "Hamilton" Song Opinions Are Popular Or Not

11. If You Can't Finish These Lyrics, You've Never Seen "Hamilton"

12. Answer Five Questions And We'll Reveal Which "Hamilton" Lady You Are

13. If You Can Identify More Than 7/16 Of These "Hamilton" Characters, I'll Be Really Impressed

14. Plan A Trip To NYC And We'll Reveal Your "Hamilton" Soulmate

15. Design A Dress From The 1700s And We'll Reveal Which Schuyler Sister You Are