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17 Tweets About 401(k)s That Pretty Much Sum Up The Chaos Right Now

Don't touch your face — or your 401(k).

So the stock market isn't doing too hot right now and is suffering its worst drop since 2011 due to coronavirus and oil prices. Amidst the chaos, you might have noticed a bunch of 401(k) tweets popping up on your timeline.


As a result of the stock market decline, people are freaking out over the status of their 401(k) — which, if you didn't know, is a retirement savings account that lets people put some of their salary into long-term investments. Here are some of the best tweets (so far) about the situation:


everyone's telling me not to "check my 401K," as if i know how


Your 401k right now is like your face: Don't touch it


#marketcrash Well, according to my 401k, I'll be working until I'm 95


You know that toilet paper you hoarded? That's your 401k now.



*Stock #marketcrash pacing for biggest losses ever* my brain: Don’t check the 401k Don’t check the 401k Don’t check the 401k Don’t check the 401k Don’t check the 401k Don’t check the 401k Don’t check the 401k Don’t check the 401k Don’t check the 401k Me: *checks 401k*


On the bright side, I didn’t get gas today. I can now use the rest of my 401k to fill up my tank tomorrow.


when i became eligible to join the work 401k this past january i should've followed my heart and gotten lip fillers instead



Live footage of my 401K @ work that’s everyone says is so valuable ......



everyone’s telling me not to check my 401K like i’ve ever had a job that offered benefits


me at my retirement party since my 401k will be worthless


My 401k is trending and I'm scared to check my 401k but also how do I check my 401k


small comfort in that it’s hard to tank a 401k if it only has like maybe $20 in it


looked at my 401k statement and hurt my own feelings


I don’t know how to log in to my 401K so the jokes on you virus

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