23 Milestones For Everyone Obsessed With Beauty And Skin Care

    It's been a long and arduous journey.

    1. When you first start paying any attention to your skin so you start scrubbing/exfoliating.

    2. When you learn that scrubbing your skin into oblivion will only make it oilier and your teenage self has been lied to all along.

    3. When you start using moisturiser.

    4. When you add toner to your routine.

    5. When you stop using wipes to take off your makeup.

    6. And discover micellar water instead.

    7. When you actually figure out what kind of undertones your skin has.

    8. And then finally, finally manage to find a foundation in the right shade.

    9. When you discover the magic of highlighter.

    10. When you actually figure out what skin type you are.

    11. When you finally have a strategy for dealing with spots.

    12. When you invest in your first proper face mask.

    13. When you try your first ~weird~/trendy skin care product.

    14. And then when you promptly develop an obsession with one of those products.

    15. When you stop thinking oils are to be avoided at all costs and start applying them to your face, your skin, and all your problems.

    16. When you learn how to do a perfect cat eye liner.

    17. When you learn how to contour.

    18. When you buy your first luxury makeup product.

    19. And then, probably a lot later, you buy your first luxury skin care product.

    20. When you learn how to fill in your eyebrows.

    21. When you finally perfect the dewy-skin look.

    22. When you actually find the perfect nude lipstick.

    23. When you discovered Youtube makeup tutorials and everything changed forever.