11 Differences Between You On The Internet And You IRL

*Reveals personal information for no reason at all*

1. Your outfits are always on point in your Instagram photos.

IRL, you only have time for that, like, 10% of the time.

That 10% is when you take all your photos for Instagram.

2. Online your comebacks are fierce and immediate.


IRL, you can never think of anything to say back in the moment and would much rather not have any drama anyway.

3. Flirting online is easy and something to do when you’re bored, more than anything else.

And if you don’t like someone, you can cut them out immediately and forget about them.

Flirting IRL is awkward and excruciatingly difficult.


A single awkward moment might haunt you forever.

4. Shopping on the internet is basically a stab in the dark.

You’re just hoping for the best.

Shopping IRL is a confrontation with your true self and the consequences of all the crap you’ve been eating.

Sony Pictures Entertainment

5. Seeing a cool dog on the internet immediately makes your day better.

Seeing a cool dog IRL makes your week because you get to pet it.

Comedy Central

6. Online, you have hundreds, if not thousands of friends.

IRL, no one has time for that.

7. On the internet you’ll tell anyone anything, for some reason.

IRL, your secrets are for your mum only.

8. Your diet on the internet always appears immaculately presented and wholly nutritious.

That’s not not really the case IRL.

9. Your jokes online are always because you proofread them 10 times before tweeting them.

You’ll probably forget your joke halfway through IRL.

Or it’ll be great but no one will hear you make it.

10. Political discussions on the internet escalate quickly.

Political discussions IRL are mostly just tedious AF.

11. Online, you’re perfect and beautiful 100% of the time.

IRL is another story.

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Natalya Lobanova is junior staff writer at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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