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17 Of The Most Wholesome Things To Have Happened In The Past Week Because We Need This Now

If ever there was a time when you needed a whole bunch of wholesome content, it is now.

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1. This family of noodles:

the shelter where i adopted my cat posted this and i’m losing my mind

2. This winner:

-Ay papá, a ver, quítate, yo lo hago. RT @nino_triqui:

3. This dancing duo:

4. This beautiful bear:

At peak season, brown bears can add up to four pounds of weight a day. Bear 409 looks like she had no trouble with that. (Yes, this is the same bear. We’re screaming.)

5. This absolutely incredible job:

I’m a school photographer and we got to take a service dog’s picture for the yearbook today 😭😭😭

6. This answer to an age long question:

The debate on how a dog would wear a pants is over 😂😂

8. This unexpected ending:

I’m approaching my 48th consecutive hour of thinking about this video

9. This truly wholesome re-imagining:

10. This mum joining in:

I thought she was going to slap me but instead....

11. This game of fetch:

12. This soon-to-be Carnegie Medal winner:

My daughter has started a story and ‘Rebecca’ no longer has the greatest opening lines in literature.

13. This moment of soul-searching:

i enjoying mysekf in the basket, but then i remembered instances of regret in my life, and pain i have caused others

14. This, the most perfect duck to have ever existed:

15. This beautiful selection of photos:

Pictures of my son looking at me are primarily my favourite, i’ll fight to protect this smile ✊🏾

16. This laundry lover:

Within seconds of laying out laundry, this happens every time

17. And finally, this nice little thought:

the h in ghost is actually a little ghost waving to you