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22 Tumblr Posts That Perfectly Summarise Crushes

"No one has a crush on me. I am too strong to be crushed."

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1. This totally measured reaction:

2. This smooth save:

3. This perfect representation:

4. This beautiful speech:

5. This thing that we've all done:

6. This subtle seduction technique:

7. This advice we've all received:

8. This valid reason:

9. This Freudian slip:

10. This immediate response:

11. This genuine apology:

12. This watchful gaze:

13. This moral dilemma:

14. This totally casual posing:

15. This Catch-22 scenario:

16. This terrible situation to get yourself into:

17. This perfect solution to a lot of life's problems:

18. This outrage that we all occasionally feel:

19. This summary of disappointment:

20. This slightly embarrassing moment:

21. This perfect analogy:

22. This one comforting thought: