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    21 Things You'll Understand If You're Slightly Obsessed With Vintage

    You're definitely at least a little bit smug about it.

    1. You know that shopping for vintage things is not for the weak. You must be stealthy and prepared.

    2. You probably have a strategy. Either you spend a day visiting as many vintage shops as possible, in a strategic and organised manner...

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    3. Or you have a few stores you try to visit on a regular basis.

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    But tbh you probably do a combination of both.

    4. You definitely have a favourite charity shop that somehow always has lots of good stuff in it.

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    You only divulge the location of this secret, magical charity shop to those you know you can trust.

    5. You have a lot of imagination when it comes to finding things.

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    It's not about what they are, it's about ~what they can become~.

    6. So you've actually grown pretty adept with a sewing machine.

    7. Or you've spent a fortune at the tailors.

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    8. Also at the dry cleaners.

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    9. You've probably considered the thought that someone has died in at least one item of clothing that you own.

    You then quickly dismissed the thought.

    10. You've started thinking of new purchases as "future vintage".

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    They need to be something that would be an amazing find in any decade.

    11. You've probably inadvertently learnt a lot about history and antiques along the way.

    For example, did you know that West German pottery is a big thing?

    12. You know that clothing sizes are arbitrary and meaningless, so you go by measurements instead.

    And you know your exact measurements.

    13. You're probably on a never-ending quest for the perfect vintage ~something~.

    The perfect vintage boots or coat or whatever, your soul will not rest until you find it.

    14. You can't visit a new city without visiting at least one vintage or charity store there.

    15. You can tell what material something is just from how it feels.

    "That velvet is definitely synthetic, not silk," you say matter-of-factly, as your companion is quietly infuriated by you.

    16. You secretly feel like a failure if you buy vintage stuff from curated departments in big-name high street shops.

    It's always way, way overpriced and that money is better spent when given to individual small businesses and charities.

    17. "Upcycled" vintage actually makes you cringe. / BuzzFeed

    Please stop ruining things, Urban Outfitters. Please.

    18. You have an unhealthy addiction to eBay.

    When you find vintage gems in good condition and at an affordable price on ebay

    You love to recount the tale of the time you got a genuine 1970s Biba dress for £5, plus p&p. You will tell that story to your children. They will hate you for it.

    19. There is no denying the smugness you feel when someone asks you where you got something and you say it's vintage.

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    20. And the quieter smugness of knowing that buying second-hand is better for the environment.

    National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

    21. But there is no greater joy (or smugness) than knowing a beautiful, unique piece was £3.50 from a charity shop.


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