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18 Wholesome Things That Will Greatly Improve Your Day

We can get through the rest of this year.

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1. This way of making new friends:

2. This little dog getting a shower, and some nice new hairstyles along the way:

Instagram: @shila_the_pom

3. This confused little hummingbird that thinks a hat is a flower:

Facebook: Cabelas

4. These cheetahs, who, as it turns out, are capable of purring and meowing:

5. This fun family day out:

I took my son to the fair and he had fun

6. This amazing job:

rt if you think this cat is doing an amazing job

7. This delivery man who deserves an immediate promotion:

asos delivery man let my dog sign for my parcel by pressing the wee machine against his nose

8. These relationship goals:

I got Kiwi a lil goth gf 🖤💛💚

9. This horse and his name:

Sister just sent me this on Facebook and I can't cope

10. This pitch for a TV show that I would definitely watch:

You ever have that fantasy where Kyle MacLachlan & Stanley Tucci run a cozy bistro together & you're the best damn…

11. This beautiful performance:

12. This wonderful feeling:

13. This cat, who is certainly worth bragging about:

14. These very helpful geese:

It's all too easy for hedgehogs to come a cropper on the roads. Luckily, this one has some helpful goose friends to…

15. This very nice endless cycle to be stuck in:

when u compliment ur friend and they compliment u back and youre stuck in a circle of endless mutual support and ap…

16. This beautiful poem:

17. This postcard to a fish:

18. And finally, just this really cute snail: