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18 Very Specific And Very Grown-Up Activities

Fixing something soon after it's broken, instead of just accepting the broken thing as an inevitable part of life.

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1. Checking the weather before you leave the house and taking an umbrella with you if necessary.

2. Not buying the cheapest or even second-cheapest bottle of wine.

I like pacing the wine aisle like I'm a connoisseur that knows what they're looking at before ultimately grabbing the second cheapest bottle

Sometimes you splash out and buy a £10 bottle!

3. Actually understanding what an ISA account is, what APR is, and how interest rates affect you.


They were just mysterious grown-up words on the TV, but now they are less mysterious, kind of exhausting grown-up things that mean a lot to you.

4. Being constantly amazed at how quickly time is passing and how long ago 2010 was, and feeling very old.

Remember Ice Cube? This is him now, feel old yet?

I cannot believe we are closer to 2020 than to 2010.


5. Laughing at people younger than you when they say they feel old, and telling them to wait until they get to your age.

Even if they're literally just a few years younger than you.

6. Actually negotiating the terms of everything you agree to, like your job and your lease.

20th Century Fox

It's a revelation when you realise you even can negotiate these things, and it's a whole new level when you actually do.

7. Fixing something soon after it's broken, instead of just accepting the broken thing as an inevitable part of life.

Twitter: @bitchprblmz

You actually have a screwdriver handy in case a drawer handle falls off instead of wedging the drawer off with a pen every time you use it.

8. Thinking "I don't have time to be ill!" the moment you feel yourself getting sick.

Nickelodeon Network

Because now, getting sick is no longer an excuse to stay at home watching cartoons all day, it just means that you'll have a mountain of work to catch up on.


9. Using a drying rack.

i think i need to invest in a drying rack soon this is getting a little out of hand.....

The backs of chairs are not drying racks.


14. Realising you have no idea what it's like to be a teenager.

14 year olds now a days vs me when I was 14

15. Realising your grades mean fuck all.

Can't wait to see Jeremy Clarkson's yearly tweet aba how he got shit A levels and now he's off shagging a Honda Civic or something

16. Looking at certain clothing items and deciding they're not age-appropriate for you.

"Just put some random words together the teens will love it!!"