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    18 Important Life Skills All Short Girls Must Learn

    Mostly just climbing on things.

    1. Being really well acquainted with peoples' backs.

    2. Using kitchen counters as climbing props.

    3. Using just about anything as a climbing prop.

    4. Just getting lots of exercise form the amount of climbing you have to do to reach things.

    5. Hemming.

    6. Knowing your exact height.

    7. Being patient when people assume you're about 15.

    8. Just being OK with never knowing what is going on.

    9. Sacrificing yourself and sitting in cramped places because you don't need that much leg space.

    10. Being creative with where you can shop.

    11. Accepting that you're never going to see your reflection.

    12. Moving your legs at twice the speed of everyone else when walking.

    13. Speaking even louder than everyone else in noisy places to save others having to bend down to hear you.

    14. Making average-sized people feel tall.

    15. Never forgetting your sunglasses because the visor in the car doesn't go low enough to actually block the sun from your eyes.

    16. Being patient when people tell you you're short.

    17. Not letting your size stop you from taking up 80% of the bed.

    18. Making tall people feel really helpful.