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    19 Jokes That Perfectly Summarise The Internet As A Whole

    It's changed so much in so little time.

    1. These three basic categories of internet users:

    Pretty cool that the internet now comes as a box set.

    2. This helpful review:

    Rate my professor is really something

    3. This deep and complex subject:

    When you laugh at a dumb meme and your partner, who is not an internet person, asks whats so funny but it’s like a tier 3 meme and you’ve gotta explain about 7 years of internet for them to understand the nuances

    4. This visual you never wanted or needed to see:

    well that's enough internet for today

    5. This absolutely necessary message:

    6. This great new term that I think we should all start using:

    mom: what's that internet thing called, "scream shitting"? me: ... me: shitposting? mom: SHITPOSTING.

    7. This more innocent time:

    I miss the old internet, when if you had something to say you'd just put some sad song lyrics up as your away message and people would be like oh no, what's going on? and you'd be like nothing, don't worry about it.

    8. This compulsion:

    9. This heartbreaking moment:

    I felt this shit on a personal level

    10. This slight problem:

    me: "all my cries for help are too relatable and simply become Internet memes" my therapist: "LMAO if this isn't me..."

    11. This fresh new take on a classic:

    (Log me off) Log me off this site (I can't log off) Log me off this site (Save me) Mute my tweets and take away my phone

    12. This conspiracy that obviously exists:

    I cannot emphasize enough how much I truly love The Internet

    13. This revolutionary form of communication:

    1995: The internet will revolutionize the way we think and communicate 2017:

    14. This private confession:

    me 4 years ago: the internet isnt your diary sweetie(: me now: whats up twitter today i cried in a dennys bathroom

    15. This look into the future:

    ME: the internet used to come in through the phone. It made a terrible noise, like robots screaming. GRANDSON: hush grandpa take your pills

    16. This slight hypocrisy:

    online: it’s easy to get caught up in negativity. here’s a 30-part self-care checklist. it’s ok to cut toxicity out of your life also online: what’s everyone subtweeting about? give me that hot goss. omg dragggg himmmm, your fave is cancelled

    17. This faux pas:

    this is how my coworkers look at me when i say “i want to die” because i forget thats only normal online

    18. This thing we all do:

    Me: Im a very private person you need to really know me before I actually open up Me to hundreds of strangers online: anyway I’m HORNY and SUICIDAL

    19. And of course, this constant truth:

    The whole internet loves Milkshake Duck, a lovely duck that drinks milkshakes! *5 seconds later* We regret to inform you the duck is racist

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