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21 Perfect Tumblr Posts About Your Friends

Your true friends are the ones that ask you to text them when you get home safe.

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1. You've probably never realised how true this is until now:

2. Everyone knows what it's like to be in either of these situations:

3. This law of physics:

4. This very reasonable request:

5. This feeling that is the consequence of being in awe of your friends:

6. This feeling of solidarity at its purest:

7. This really bizarre thing you probably always do without fail:

8. This excellent new term:

9. This gradual progression:

10. When you just can't help yourself:

11. This excellent representation of your loyalty:

12. This terrible display of disloyalty:

13. This even worse betrayal:

14. This excellent response:

15. This definition of ~eternity~:

16. The wonderful things that happen when your friends are considerate:

17. This excellent emotional support:

18. The surest sign of a good person:

19. This pure frustration:

20. This backup plan:

21. This terrible feeling: