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21 Hilarious Tumblr Posts Only People With Sisters Will Get

"One time my sister turned around to me and said 'You know what? We've never been formally introduced.'"

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1. This betrayal of trust:

2. This need for sleep:

3. This terrifying threat:

4. This expression:

5. This eye-opener:

6. This sick burn:

7. This other sick burn:

8. This appropriate response:

9. This inspiration:

10. This unfounded fear:

11. This excellent pun:

12. This wonderful accident:

13. This terrible lie:

14. This downfall:

15. This fair and reasoned reaction:

16. This hangover cure:

17. This incredible act:

18. This iconic moment in the history of sisterhood:

19. This mystery:

20. This terrifying expression:

21. This scapegoat: