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    17 Tumblr Jokes That Are Way Too Real For Bi People

    What's the difference between bi people and unicorns? Unicorns actually feature in films and on TV.

    1. This actual mystery:

    2. This excellent pun:

    3. This eye-opening realisation:

    Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) / Via

    4. This helpful guide:

    5. This reasonable bureaucratic process:

    6. This definition:

    7. These lions:

    8. This other helpful guide:

    9. These much-needed bands:

    10. This helpful criteria:

    Warner Bros.

    11. This cool trick:

    12. This relatable content:

    13. This kind of funny, kind of sad joke:

    14. This misrepresentation:

    15. This other misrepresentation:

    16. This warning:

    17. This reasonable request:

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