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    17 Tips To Help You Achieve A Rihanna-Worthy Manicure

    Your hands can now be permanently Instagram-ready.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to give their best advice for perfect nails, and they delivered. Here are some of the best tips.

    1. Carry around a nail file or have several on hand so that you can sort out broken nails ASAP.

    "I would always bite my nails if one broke, so now I take a few minutes to reshape it with a nail file so it's not on my mind and that problem is solved – which also cuts back the number of hangnails."

    Submitted by Melissa Biemans, Facebook

    2. Use a crystal/glass nail file.

    "Use a glass file and file only in one direction so that there's less shredding."

    Submitted by Elizabeth Jean, Facebook

    3. Always use a base and top coat.


    "When people ask me for tips, every single time I say to invest in a good, non-cheap top coat and base. OPI is a great brand and I use their top and base coats. They are about $8 each bottle of polish."

    Submitted by lorinasims

    4. And repaint the top coat regularly to make it last longer.

    "When I paint my nails, I always put a new, thin clear coat on every other day. It keeps them looking pristine for at least a week."

    Submitted by Adrienne Brooke, Facebook

    5. Try the Seche Vite top coat.

    "I stumbled upon this top coat based on Amazon reviews and I will never use another top coat. As someone who does their nails two to three times a week, I always had issues with chipping and crease marks from not letting them dry. This top coat not only has an amazing shine but also is completely dry less than two minutes! Not even joking – this top coat hardens everything so you don't have those 'forever drying' nails."

    Submitted by hollik

    6. Seal the nail polish by painting around the edges too, to prevent chipping.

    "For a long-lasting manicure, wrap the tip of your nail when applying your base coat, colour, and top coat. My polish stays for a week to a week and a half when I do this, no chipping."

    Submitted by alexis5402

    7. Make cuticle cream a regular part of your routine.

    "The most important thing to do is keep them moisturised. Nothing can help strengthen a nail that’s already grown out but you can ensure new growth is strong and flexible by moisturising your cuticles every day. I use Lush Lemony Flutter which has long been a holy grail product for the nail community and with good reason!"

    Submitted by jessicav27

    8. Treat yourself to a regular manicure.

    9. Stop using your nail clippers!

    "NEVER CLIP YOUR NAILS! Unless they are way too long to file down – in which case, clip them to a mid-length and then file them down. Clipping your nails breaks them right at the edge (sort of like a split end in your hair) and once they get to a certain length they’ll start peeling or cracking."

    Submitted by shibalove

    10. Use gloves when washing the dishes or doing other activities that might damage your nails.

    New Line Cinema

    "Keep your nails out of excess water by using gloves whenever possible."

    Submitted by Jess Alba, Facebook

    11. Shape your nails into a rounded shape because that'll make them less likely to break.

    12. Try jojoba oil for your cuticles.

    "Jojoba oil is magic for both my cuticles and my nails!"

    Submitted by Nichole Nelson, Facebook

    13. Avoid acetone-based nail polish remover...

    14. ...and try peel-off nail polish instead.

    "Use a peel-off base coat so you don’t need to use acetone (nail polish remover wrecks your skin). UNT’s Ready for Takeoff is amazing – I started using it a couple months ago and I’m never going back. You can just pop off your polish in one solid piece. It’s the only way to do glitter nails. My cuticles look 10 times better now that I don’t need acetone every few days."

    Submitted by madeleined400dd298d

    15. Try raw garlic as a fragrant, low-cost, all-natural nail strengthener.

    Kinda gross I'm trying to make my nails grow and make them strong so vitamins and garlic

    "I apply garlic to my nails, it’s ridiculously easy and cheap, and you see results quickly. Just take a small piece of raw garlic, break it in half, and rub it over your nails. Let it sit for a while, and then you can wash your hands to get rid of any stickiness. Made my nails grow long and strong, and you don’t even have to do it regularly! Just every once in a while, when you have time to sit and you don’t need to go anywhere where it would be bad to smell like garlic, give it a try!"

    Submitted by rubyc490cf3341

    16. Paint your nails a dark colour when you're growing them out.

    17. And of course, DON'T BITE THEM!

    Twitter: @Cvmeron

    "Don’t bite them! I know it’s super obvious but the more you leave your nails alone the stronger and nicer they will be! Take it from a recovering biter!"

    Submitted by sarah1333

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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