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19 Things Everyone That Has Ever Lost Their Voice Knows

Life just becomes a long game of charades.

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3. For the first few days you sound like a teen boy whose voice is breaking.

That moment when your voice breaks at the #rugbyworldcup2015 and your bro takes the piss 😂


6. You'll try and live your life normally but people will physically cringe every time you speak.

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Because you actually sound broken.

7. Or you can't make any noise at all and have to become a really good mime in order to communicate.

When you lose your #voice and your whole life becomes a game of charades... #flu #DisneyPrincess #thelittlemermaid


11. Some people will be immediately repulsed by your broken and hoarse voice.

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Which will make you want to rip open a pack of Lemsip and just straight up snort it.

13. You'll try and get on with your life as normal but every time you meet someone new you can't get over how they may never know what your real voice sounds like.


14. Or, every time you start speaking to someone new with your husky voice, you have to begin with an explanation of how this isn't how you normally sound.

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They probably don't care but it makes you feel less like a sexy, husky-sounding fraud.

15. After a while you'll grow to like your new husky voice and start wishing that it wouldn't get better so quickly.

18. For a few days after recovering from your flu you will mourn the loss of your sexy, husky voice.


In this period of madness, you consider smoking or pulling out your voicebox, or something.

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