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    18 Things You'll Get If You're The Best And The Worst Person You Know

    I hate myself but I'm the only person allowed to hate me because I'm amazing.

    1. You are, without a doubt, the funniest person you've ever met.

    2. Basically, you're your own biggest fan.

    3. Except for when you're not.

    4. Because as well as being the funniest person you know, you're also the most annoying.

    5. Like, you actually have to listen to yourself all the time. You just never shut up.

    6. Although your inner monologue is actually hilarious sometimes.

    7. Especially when your own brain reminds you of something funny.

    8. Other times, your brain just refuses to be helpful.

    9. You embarrass yourself all the time.

    10. Then you obsess over it.

    11. You're basically your own worst critic.

    12. But that's probably because only you are allowed to criticise yourself.

    13. You can go from hating yourself to loving yourself in an instant.

    14. Basically you're always going on a transformative and emotional journey.

    The three stages of my self-perception

    Twitter: @JessyBrownTown

    15. You see no contradiction in believing that you're the best and the worst.

    16. You can be incredibly impressive, but not when you most need to be.

    17. You simultaneously believe you're too good for everyone and that it's also a miracle anyone would ever fancy you.

    18. Basically, even when you think you're the worst, you're still the best.