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    19 Things You Know If Your Periods Are Painful As Fuck

    Bloody hell.

    1. You can sense your period coming in the same way that animals can sense danger.

    Nothing has happened yet... but you just know.

    2. You spend the days before in a state of dread, anticipation, and resigned fatalism.

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    3. You probably have bouts of false alarms, thinking it's started.

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    You're both relieved and disappointed that you can't just get it over and done with.

    4. But once it does, you know.


    5. At the worst of times you might have even woken up in the middle of the night by your cramps.


    "It's here" you whisper to yourself at 4a.m.

    6. And God help you if there are no painkillers on hand.

    7. But there always is, because you've had many years to prepare for this and you have a stash of them.

    8. You've developed a very specific survival strategy.

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    9. It almost definitely involves a hot water bottle.

    10. And lots of laying down**.

    **Curling up in the foetal position.

    11. When it comes to dealing with cramps, you've definitely gone to extreme measures at particularly desperate times.

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    When you're in that much pain you just stop giving a shit about what people think.

    12. The build up can make you so emotional sometimes, and you know exactly why but you just can't help yourself, which makes you even more emotional.

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    You feel yourself being needlessly snappy but you just can't stop yourself.

    13. But it's even more irritating when people dismiss your genuine emotions as the result of your period.

    Also, maybe I'm on my period AND you're being a little shit. The two situations aren't mutually exclusive!

    14. Your S.O. was probably very terrified when they first witnessed your ~time of the month~.

    15. But they eventually learn how to deal with it and help you out, too.


    16. There is nothing more irritating than someone that thinks you need to "get over it", especially when it comes from someone who has never experienced a period.

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    Gee, thanks so much! Wow, I wish I had thought of that sooner! If only everyone experiencing physical pain over which they have no control over knew this trick too!

    17. And the worst thing is that there is so little you can do to avoid it, or at least avoid it without other side effects.


    It's the price you have to pay for the sustainment of the human race.

    18. But at least you know that you have a high pain threshold because of it.

    19. Making you a fucking badass.

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