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    19 Things You Know If You And Your Best Friends Are Soulmates

    If you tell me a secret and don't expect me to tell it to my best friend, you're sadly mistaken.

    1. Regardless of whether or not you're in a relationship, you've know you've already met your soulmate: your best friend.

    2. You're super comfortable around each other.

    17/1/17: • sleepover with my best friend • i havent seen her in ages it was the best • i missed her • we had maccas…

    3. Maybe even a little too comfortable.

    4. You speak to each other constantly.

    And if you can't speak to each other every day, you really make up for it when you finally catch up.

    5. In fact, you don't really ever have to say "hello" to each other because the conversation is just ongoing.

    6. And you tell each other everything.

    7. You care more about what they think than anyone else.

    if you don't send selfies to your best friend asking for their opinion, are they really your best friend?

    Mostly because you know they'll tell you the truth.

    8. You're more protective of them than you are even of yourself.

    9. People ask you how your best friend is doing on a regular basis.

    You know someones your best friend when everyone asks them about you 😭😭😭

    And you will always answer, because you always know.

    10. All past, present and future partners are somewhat intimidated by your relationship.

    third wheeling 2 girls who are best friends is sooooooo much worse than 3rd wheeling a couple this is a fact

    11. And they should be, because if they're in a relationship with you, then they're basically in a relationship with your best friend, too.

    12. You practically speak your own language.

    Sometimes you don't need to speak at all.

    13. You bicker constantly.

    14. And you can be really petty.

    15. But you know that even in the middle of a fight, if one of you needs the other, all will be forgotten and forgiven.

    16. You basically run all your conversations past them.

    if you don't screenshot a message and send it to your best friend and ask "what do i say" are you really even best friends?!

    It's reciprocal, all texts are done by committee.

    17. You're each other's biggest fans.

    18. Sometimes you get a little overwhelmed by how much you love them.

    19. And you know that you'll be friends for a very long time.