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    19 Things Everyone That Has Grown Out Their Fringe Can Understand

    It's an endless cycle of growing hair out and getting bored of growing it out.

    1. The first step is making the decision to grow out your fringe in the first place.

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    2. You will probably make this decision five times before you actually fully commit to it.

    3. The decision splits those close to you.

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    Some are supportive, others think you're losing a core part of your identity.

    4. The first stages are alright; you rock the Florence Welch '70s babe look.

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    5. But then it starts to get a little inconvenient.

    6. Especially when it gets to the SIA stage.

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    7. At this point you make friends with bobby pins.

    8. And you start experimenting with inventive ways of hiding your awkward, half-grown-out fringe.

    It takes a ridiculous amount of time, but on the plus side, you get really good at doing braids.

    9. You also go through a pretty long adjustment period of actually being able to see your forehead.

    Has it always looked like that?? Has it always been so big?

    10. And your eyebrows.

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    11. And people giving you weird looks because they're not used to seeing your WHOLE FACE.

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    12. Eventually your fringe gets to cheekbone level and you feel like a '90s heartthrob.

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    13. Then you get to the weird stage where you look like you tried to cut your hair into a bob but got bored partway through.

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    Or worse, as though you purposefully chose to get a mullet.

    14. It feels incredibly monumental when you can FINALLY tuck your hair behind your ears.

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    Even if it doesn't actually look great.

    15. Finally, after much pain, you get to a point when you can finally get it cut into some sort of acceptable style.

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    16. And you really enjoy not having to style a fringe every day.

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    17. And just having your hair look how you've wanted to look for ages.

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    Finally, you're happy with it.

    18. Until you see that one picture of a hairstyle with a fringe.

    And your heart starts to burn with desire.

    19. And the cycle begins again.

    Loryn Brantz / BuzzFeed

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