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    Posted on Feb 27, 2016

    48 Things That Happen When Two Girls Move In Together During Uni

    All boundaries will be broken.

    Katrina Warme / / BuzzFeed

    1. At first you're probably a bit apprehensive about moving in together with no other people to function as buffers.

    2. But then you decide that your friendship is strong enough and take a leap of faith.

    3. You end up learning more about your best friend than you ever would have done if you lived in a house share.

    4. Like their weird food habits.

    5. Their exact lecture timetable.

    6. What their footsteps sound like.

    7. How often they go to the toilet.

    8. Basically, you know more about them than you ever thought was possible.

    9. People eventually end up seeing you both as a package. If one of you is invited somewhere, the other is too by default.

    10. People probably start calling you by one name, like Brangelina.


    11. You're OK with sharing everything because if something breaks and you didn't do it, you know exactly who did.

    12. You don't fight over the washing up because it's always obvious who left the dirty plate there.

    13. Unlike most students, you're OK with buying really nice things "for the flat", rather than just for your room, because you know it will be appreciated and looked after.

    14. And some things you own together, like husky figurines because you can't actually get a dog yet.

    15. When you don't know what to wear, you know you can always raid your flatmates closet.

    16. You have so many in jokes that you practically speak a language of your own.

    17. You subconsciously end up mimicking each other, and are always surprised when ~outsiders~ ask you why you both do that weird voice.

    18. You develop regular flat-only rituals.

    19. Like watching certain TV shows together religiously.

    20. And to watch the show separately would be sacrilege.

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    21. You have definitely seen each other naked.

    22. Multiple times.

    23. Probably most often when at least one you is having a bath.

    24. You've probably seen each other's SOs naked too, because some things are unavoidable when you live in a small flat and share a bathroom.

    25. At any one time, you're probably having three different conversations with each other via different mediums.

    26. One through Facebook messenger, one through texts and one actually IRL.

    27. Sometimes you have entire conversations just by shouting at each other from different parts of the flat.

    28. You always have a run down of the day's events together in the evening, so you know everything that happens in each others lives.

    29. So your conversations are often very specific: "Remember when I lost that earring five weeks ago?" "Yes, of course, that was so traumatic."

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    30. Going out together has its own specific rituals, too.

    31. Like the necessity of consulting each other on your outfits and makeup.

    32. And lending clothes and accessories if necessary, because it is your duty to ensure the other looks their absolute best.

    33. And the getting ready part is usually the best part of the night.

    34. It's also always very reassuring to know that there is someone that will make sure you get home safe.

    35. And to eat hangover food with the next day.

    36. You get to know each other's parents really well.

    37. And your parents ask you about how your best friend is doing regularly.

    38. You have nicknames for people that you both often see but don't actually know the names of.

    39. Like "red socks guy" or "weird library guy".

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    40. Of course, you hate the same people.

    41. Sometimes you hate someone without ever actually having met them, because your flatmate has told you so much about them.

    42. You never judge each other for how long you've gone without showering.

    43. Or the fact that you put on your dressing gown and Ugg boots the moment you get indoors.

    44. You may even having matching dressing gowns or onesies to slob about in.

    45. You have heard each other have sex, many times.

    46. You've probably also had an entire run down and performance review of it the next day, too.

    47. You get separation anxiety when you're away from each other for too long because it feels so weird.

    48. You know for sure that you have made a friend for life, which if nothing else, makes Uni worthwhile.

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