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    18 Things That Don't Make You A "Bad Feminist"

    Having a Pinterest board all about your dream wedding doesn't make you any less of a feminist.

    1. Seeing as you're reading this post, you probably identify as a feminist: someone who believes all genders are equal.

    2. But there are times when every one of us has felt like a "bad feminist".

    3. Like if you've ever felt sad for being single, even though you damn well know you shouldn't need anyone.

    4. If you've ever caught yourself judging another woman for something superficial.

    5. If you've ever felt pressure to shave your body hair, even if you really couldn't be bothered and would have much rather left it au naturel.

    6. Or if you just actually really like removing your body hair, for whatever reason.

    7. If you've ever dreamt about your wedding, or just really want one.

    8. If you've ever felt bad for actively wanting a marriage and kids to be as much part of your future as your career goals.

    9. Or if you want a family more than a high-powered career.

    10. If Valentine's Day has some significance for you.

    11. If you enjoy TV shows and aspects of culture that aren't totally ~woke~.

    12. If you've ever let your date pay for you.

    13. If you've ever felt shit about your body, then felt shit that you can't seem to reach a perfect state of ~self-love~.

    u r beautiful and ur gonna do great today

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    It's literally impossible to actively think you're incredible and beautiful every moment of the day. Just knowing that you're of value and more than your perceived beauty is enough.

    14. If you enjoy putting on makeup/heels/dresses or anything else that is considered a symbol of femininity.

    15. If you enjoy doing things that are historically considered "women's work" for your partner, like the laundry or cooking.

    16. If you don't want to sleep around or have adventurous sex.

    17. If you've unintentionally said something that is deemed offensive.

    18. If you don't feel 100% outraged 100% of the time.