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23 Things All People With Long, Lustrous Hair Will Understand

Beautiful, long hair comes at a big, gross cost.

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2. So you take pre-emptive action and collect your lovely locks in the shower.

4. So, to be considerate, you often collect your shedding hair in little hairballs.

When your hair falls out like no Tomorrow 😒 #LongHairProblems #ButWhyIsItBrown


5. But sometimes you fail to dispose of them, and later when you see them you mistake them for a spider or a mouse.

Your repulsion when you think you’ve seen a mouse is quickly replaced by repulsion at yourself for being gross.

6. You know the pain of getting your hair caught in a number of random objects, like seat belts...

Happy Wednesday! ;-) #LongHairProblems #ThatHurt #FirstWorldProblems #ImOKThough #FunTimes @LongHairProbss


Walking round fosse park and getting your hair stuck in your little sisters fan and having to cut it out is fab👍🏻

8. ...and doors.

Plus about a million other seemingly innocuous objects.


11. Your hair and your hairbands never seem to want to part.

13. And if you complain about your one muscular arm, you find yourself rolling your eyes at people who say, “Why don’t you just let your hair dry naturally?”

16. You find your supplies of shampoo and conditioner always decrease at disproportionate levels.

People who can finish a bottle of shampoo and conditioner at the same time are truly gifted.


17. In fact, no matter what hair product, you use it up alarmingly quickly.

having thick hair is ruining my bank account, I spend so much on shampoo and conditioner

This long-haired life doesn’t come cheap.

18. Each trip to the hairdressers is emotionally charged.

You find yourself repeating the phrase “Just a trim, yeah?” at least a dozen times during the process, and no matter how little they take off it’s always too much.

19. There’s no brush strong enough to tame your mane.

Which also means you can’t remember a time when you could be certain your hair was knot-free.

20. So no one can run their hands through your hair without the risk of attaching themselves permanently to you via tangles.

I 💖 it when boys try 2 run their fingers thru my knotty hair


22. You’ve come to accept that having long thick hair on your head means there is a good chance you have it ~elsewhere~.

Peach fuzz more like coconut fuzz #hairygirlproblems

It's a small price to pay!