21 Things All Fidgety People Understand

    You're probably fidgeting right now.

    1. You cannot sit down for longer than 30 minutes at a time.

    2. But if you must, then you will shift your sitting position at least 2,345,654 times.

    3. And a lot of those positions are pretty strange.

    4. At least one part of you is constantly moving.

    5. Which means people find you incredibly annoying.

    6. And, irrationally, you probably also find it really annoying when someone fidgets.

    7. You actually prefer walking up escalators rather than just standing.

    8. You would always get told off for fidgeting at school.

    9. People assume that something is wrong because of how much you fidget.

    10. You're at your most restless when on the phone.


    11. If you have a desk job, you will find any excuse to get up and move.

    12. Which will mean you may occasionally look like you have bladder issues.

    13. Or like you're constantly incredibly dehydrated.

    14. You will fiddle with anything in your vicinity.

    15. Which means that you have to make a conscious effort to put your phone away when talking to someone.

    16. Unless you're actually sick, an entire day in bed would be excruciating for you.

    17. You toss and turn a lot when going to sleep.

    18. And you probably toss and turn just as much when you're actually asleep.

    19. Even when you're being lazy and binge-watching Netflix, you have to get up and move in between episodes.

    20. But most likely you're doing something else while watching TV.

    21. You were probably fidgeting while reading this article.