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25 Ridiculous Ways People Have Failed Their Driving Tests

There are so many things that can go wrong.

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2. "As I was backing out of the parking space at the DMV with the instructor, I bumped the car in the space to the left, which happened to belong to someone that works at the DMV. She was NOT happy. The cops were called, accident reports filled out, insurance claims filed...I was absolutely mortified."

Submitted by Rachel Edwards, Facebook


3. "I took my flip-flops off for the driving test, which is how I was used to driving. She failed me on the spot because apparently that's illegal."

Submitted by Spenser Cheatham, Facebook

5. "The guy grading me told me I looked like Miley Cyrus right before I started driving, and that distracted me so badly that I hit the cones while backing up and completely failed."

Submitted by annied4e40dfbde

6. "I put the car in reverse, hit the gas way too hard, flew back, ran off the pavement, and nearly hit a guy mowing the grass. The instructor was yelling, and in my panic, I stepped even harder on the gas pedal, giving the guy on the mower just enough time to dive onto the ground right before I slammed on the brakes."

Submitted by C Michelle Knoell-Beltzhoover, Facebook


8. "I made a complete stop at a stop sign and my instructor turned to SCREAM in my face that I 'wasn't making the passenger feel safe' because I was very slowly braking, because apparently 'If the passenger can't feel you braking, he doesn't feel safe.' So at the next stop sign, I waited until I was right at the stop sign before I slammed on the brakes. He was not wearing a seatbelt, and shot forward and slammed his face into the dashboard on the passenger side."

Submitted by hayleym4d54ac52f

9. "I had the windows down and a bee flew in. I was attempting to back into the parking spot whilst also wildly swatting at the bee. I ended up diagonally across two spots with one wheel on the curb… and the tester hadn't seen the bee. He thought I was insane, and a horrible driver."

Submitted by sarahh454238a42


11. "My instructor was around eight months pregnant, and ended up falling asleep while I was driving! The cars have a GPS system on them, so the system automatically failed me when I went off the 'guided route' that my instructor should have been reading out to me. Instead of getting her fired, the two of us decided to say there was construction and that I had to detour."

Submitted by missyjanayf

12. "The first time I took my driving test we got hit on the passenger side full force, airbags deployed and everything. First thing I said after we got hit was 'did I just fail?' The instructor didn't really find that funny and ended up being taken in an ambulance for what appeared to be a broken arm and concussion, and I of course had to retake the test and was left terrified of driving."

Submitted by jenniferb4e48e508d

14. "My sister borrowed my car to take her test. When she was parallel parking, they heard a thunk, and the tester told her she had bumped the car behind her. This caused her to fail, though she swore she didn't hit the other car. When I heard the story, I informed her that there were softballs in my trunk that would roll around and make a thunk when you braked. Oops."

Submitted by rachelg44ec195c4


15. "The instructor was checking to make sure the wipers worked and he was walking around the car when I accidentally hit the water and completely sprayed him."

Submitted by averyykelly

16. "I got too close to the curb and blew out the passenger side tyre. I had to walk over a mile back to the DMV with the person administering my test, and she refused to talk to me for the entire mile, and walked extremely quickly, in what I assume was an attempt to get away from my hysterically crying 16-year-old self."

Submitted by karynm4c1f91432

18. "I did the entire route absolutely perfect and the instructor even said that it was one of the best tests she had ever seen. As soon as she said that I thought that I obviously passed. I asked her 'so do I pass?' and she said 'no'. Stunned, I asked why. Turns out I was so nervous I forgot to put my seatbelt on."

Submitted by alyssaqp


19. "While stopped at a red light I felt the urge to sneeze which resulted in a particularly loud and violent one. It caused my foot to slip off the brake and my car gently rolled forward and hit the bumper in front of me before I could flail about in panic and stomp on the brake again. My instructor laughed heartily and said it was one of the most theatrical automatic fails he's ever seen."

Submitted by melissaj4a94aa5e4

20. "My mum attempted to put the instructor's knee into reverse."

Submitted by Emma Kellow, Facebook

22. "My friend hit a curb and some people say if you hit a curb you automatically fail, so she turned to the instructor and asked 'Does this mean I fail?' He just said 'Oh that doesn't matter, you already failed because the emergency brake is still on.'"

Submitted by j8herring


23. "I was so nervous on my Practical. l jumped into the test car, did all my checks that I'd learned off by heart, but when I went to drive off the examiner was still outside on the pavement and had to tap on the window for me to let him in!"

Submitted by julieta4f0aed203

24. "One of my friends failed the first time because he forgot to turn the heat on in the car. It was the middle of November and he froze the instructor to the point of failure."

Submitted by carlyb48fc10787

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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