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    16 Super Romantic But Super Cheap Ways To Impress Your Valentine

    In case your bank account hasn't recovered from Christmas yet.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their tips for having a great Valentine's Day on a budget, here are the best responses.

    1. Book a Brewery tour.

    2. Celebrate on the 15th instead.


    "Delay it a day. Chocolates, flowers and Valentine's themed goodies will be 75% cheaper on the 15th. As long as your partner is cool with it, you can have a lot of fun spoiling each other this way."


    3. Or, order a gift to arrive the day before.

    "One year I ordered an edible arrangement to be delivered on February 13th and not only did I get free delivery but it was also on sale."


    4. Try some Pinterest hacks for homemade gifts.

    5. Build up a homemade gift of 365 little love notes for next year (or start now for a 30 day one).

    6. Make a fancy, romantic meal together at home.

    7. Give each other a massage.


    "Foot rub or back rub. It doesn't have to lead to sex but it's just a nice way to say 'I appreciate you' by spending time and effort rather than money."


    8. Find thoughtful and unique gifts in charity and vintage shops.

    9. Go on a date to a museum or art gallery.

    10. Buy a thoughtful book.

    "There’s a book you can buy called 642 ways you love each other. It has prompts in it for you both to write in and it can last a few years. It’s a great idea for both and is more than a one time gift."


    11. Take the time to craft them the perfect mixtape or playlist.

    12. Make a little lollipop bouquet.

    13. Book your hotel well in advance and maybe even for the day before.

    14. Treat your partner, and yourself, to an extra long sesh in bed.


    "Sex, lots and lots of sex." – addysmom12

    15. Buy something cheap, then take a little time to customise it to make it more thoughtful.

    16. If you celebrate Galentine's/Palentine's Day instead – do it secret santa style.


    "I don’t have a SO to celebrate with but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying Valentine’s Day. I get a couple friends together and we celebrate Palentine’s day. We always do it the weekend after Valentine’s Day so we can take advantage of the sales. We do it secret Santa style. It’s a fun, unique way to celebrate the day and despite my single status, I still look forward to it."


    Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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