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    Oct 27, 2016

    23 Hilarious Tumblr Posts About Makeup That Are Too Real

    Me, doing my makeup alone in my room: So today I'm going to start with my favourite foundation.

    1. This important consideration:

    2. This ridiculous expectation:

    3. This smooth opener:

    4. This crazy stigma:

    5. The duality of eyeliner:

    6. This cognitive failure:

    7. This revelation:

    8. This primal urge:

    9. This fundamental lack of understanding:

    10. This ordeal:

    11. This wonderful transition:

    12. This ridiculous assumption:

    13. These beautiful lyrics:

    14. This solidarity:

    15. This fallacy:

    16. This routine:

    17. This superpower:

    18. This summary of straight men:

    19. This horrible feeling:

    20. This crack in our plan:

    21. This lie:

    22. This translation:

    23. This truth:

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