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28 Things Everyone Remembers From Their Summer Holidays

Lots of castles and drizzle.

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1. You've probably seen a whole load of crumbling castles.

Instagram: @fayeefaayee

Your parents probably got an English Heritage family pass and felt they needed to see every castle in Britain to get their money's worth.

2. And a fair few stately homes, too.

Instagram: @rachbattarbee

Maybe your parents got a National Trust membership, too.

4. Most trips to the seaside looked like this:

Instagram: @suitcasesandsandcastles

6. And it was the only time you ever ate sticks of rock.

Instagram: @gemmajean

7. You have at least one picture of you posing in one of these:

Instagram: @lucillesmithson

9. All the crap rides were actually super exciting and not crap at all.

Instagram: @hostunusual

10. If your parents were really serious about the beach, they rented one of these.

Instagram: @simonspantonwalker

11. And they were always fully prepared for the beach with their own deck chairs.

Instagram: @jokitschcraft

The chairs spent the rest of the 360 days or so of the year gathering dust in the shed.

12. Even if the weather was shit, it was still fun because it meant you could fly kites.

Instagram: @mikeinmiddletown

Who cares if it's freezing, look at those kites go!


20. A lot of them were probably in Scotland.

It was beautiful but felt distinctly unlike summer.


21. Most of these holidays also included walking.

Instagram: @curiouscaseofbailey

Other activities included looking at sheep and getting slightly damp in the drizzle.

22. Stopping at the service stations was actually exciting.

Instagram: @75unicorn

Your parents might get you some sweets to shut you up for the remainder of the M1.

24. You definitely stayed at Pontins or Butlins at least once.

Instagram: @coloursplashqueen

25. Or Center Parcs, if you're a bit posher.

Instagram: @juliatriffid

26. Where you spent most of your time climbing on things.

Instagram: @vanriswickbvba

It's not a holiday unless you have to wear a helmet.

27. Or watching excellent theatrical performances.

Instagram: @bodyrocksgirl

28. Your parents probably still have a lot of the tacky magnets from these places on the fridge.