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22 Mistakes Every Edinburgh University Student Makes

Trying to get a seat in the library after 9am the week before exams start.

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1. Going to Hive in first year.

You know why it's called "Hive"? Because everything in it is sticky and it's full of angry little fuckers that want to prick you, just like a beehive.

3. Thinking a trip up Arthur's Seat will be leisurely stroll.

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Never underestimate an ancient volcano. Always wear appropriate footwear.


5. Or, studying really hard during the first two years then realising that you should have made the most of having fewer responsibilities.

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Because now you've set your standard so high, you're going to have to try even harder.

6. Doing absolutely zero work throughout the semester except during the one week before an essay deadline and the week before exams.

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Basically, the majority of the first two years are spent learning to manage your time.

7. Not looking at course timetables before signing up to them.

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And having to change your choices because you have clashing seminars or because you know you don't have the discipline to show up to a 9am lecture every week.


9. Signing up to 46 different society mailing lists during Freshers' Week.

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You'll still be getting emails from the mountaineering society after you graduate.

11. Thinking an all-nighter is a good idea.

Turning in an assignment after an all nighter

12. Taking sunshine for granted.

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"Why are there people lounging in The Meadows even though it's March and 10 degrees?" you thought in first year, during the only sunny day you experienced until July.


14. Not taking notes during a lecture.

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Good news: You actually made it to your 9am lecture all the way in King's Buildings.

Bad news: You have to actually engage in it if you want to remember any of it.

15. Taking your summer clothes with you.

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Shorts?? T-shirts?? Only under thermals, 16 jumpers and a shearling coat, mate.

16. Thinking you could go to the 4th floor of the library and not have any distractions.

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Just try and get to the 4th floor without stopping at least five times to have a chat with a fellow stressed student about how stressed you both are. Tbh though you're probably thankful for the excuse to procrastinate.


17. Going to the library after 9AM a week before exams start and expecting to get a seat.

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Most of the seats will actually be taken up by books and bags rather than actual people, but still.

20. Thinking any old umbrella can withstand the Scottish winds.

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Scotland is where umbrellas go to die. You need the Thor of umbrellas. You need an umbrella that is a god amongst other umbrellas.

21. Mispronouncing "ceilidh".

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It's "kay-lee."

22. Taking any of your time at Edinburgh for granted.

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Because you'll miss it a whole lot when you leave.