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    18 Perfect Moments From "Brass Eye"

    "People say alcohol is a drug. It's not a drug, it's a drink."

    1. This super clear diagram:

    2. This equally clear diagram that doesn't need further explanation:

    3. This totally reasonable response in a debate:

    4. This entirely factual historical claim:

    5. When they summarised what is wrong with homosexuality:

    6. This extremely poignant question:

    7. This proof that science has, indeed, gone too far:

    8. This interview conducted with an actual MP:

    9. This harrowing diagram:

    10. This exposé on a modern drugs party:

    11. This terrifying graphic:

    12. This important look into how criminals operate:

    13. This chart that is undeniable proof that crime will increase:

    14. And this alarming chart:

    15. This demonstration of our fear of technology:

    16. This solid point:

    17. This obituary:

    18. This undeniable fact: