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22 Tumblr Text Posts Absolutely Everyone Will Relate To

Tumblr is great at summing up the human experience.

1. When your memory is actually a metaphorical sieve:

2. When you're at your most strategic:

3. When you stay up a little too long:

4. When you attempt to initiate conversation:

5. When you actually evaluate your feelings:

6. When you have one sip of water:

7. When you attempt to do just about anything:

8. When you do this weird thing:

9. When you manage to fit regular exercise into your routine:

10. When you face the greatest deception:

11. When you're not actually an adult yet:

12. When you have big weekend plans:

13. When you're conflicted about your identity:

14. When you just want to clear your phone:

15. When your kindness isn't reciprocated:

16. When you're an alpha:

17. When you're not only an alpha, but the original alpha:

18. When you realise the reality of existence:

19. When you have to deal with this dilemma:

20. And then you have to deal with this shit:

21. When the sun forgets to set:

22. When anyone asks you how you are: