18 Fairytale Airbnb Castles That'll Make Your Dreams Come True

    At last, all your castle-related dreams can come true.

    1. This utterly stunning and lush castle.

    2. This beautiful and secluded castle.

    Illieston Castle is just outside Edinburgh and accommodates up to two guests, costing £95. It's surrounded by beautiful Scottish countryside and would make a peaceful retreat.

    3. This Disney castle with a monochrome interior:

    Carlowrie castle is a majestic, monochromatic beauty in Edinburgh. It houses up to 16 people and costs £2750 per night.

    4. This gorgeous Georgian mansion.

    Set in Midlothian, this incredible mansion would cost you from £120 per night and houses up to 16 people.

    5. This literal tower.

    Helen's Tower is set in Bangor, houses up to two people and would cost you £120 per night. You're not required to be named Helen to stay here, but a dragon is not included in this deal.

    6. This beautiful, Jane Austen-esque mansion.

    7. This stunning house/castle hybrid.

    If you want to feel like a princess, but not a medieval one, Castleton House in Lochgilphead is ideal. It can accommodate up to 16 guests and costs £850 per night.

    8. This castle, which looks like something out of Harry Potter.

    The Tower at Faside Castle is in Edinburgh and looks ideal for a Gryffindor, no? It can accommodate up to two guests and costs £150 per night.

    9. This perfectly proportioned castle.

    10. This castle, which has a bloody HOT TUB on top of its bloody TOWER.

    Have you ever dreamed of surveying your kingdom high above in an ivory tower, in a hot tub? Of course you have. That's why you should stay at the White Tower Castle in Bolfracks. It accommodates up to four guests and costs £340 per night.

    11. For those of you that want to feel particularly Scottish in your castle in Scotland, this Scottish castle is ideal.

    This castle dates back to 1550, and you can see the history throughout. It's located in Kilmartin, can host up to six guests and costs £142 per night.

    12. This truly fairytale castle with a minimalist and contemporary interior.

    The private apartment in Carlowrie Castle, Edinburgh, is beautiful in a totally different way to its exterior. It's set in Edinburgh, is for up to four guests and costs £1,000 per night. Not cheap, but worth it, if only to feel like a slicker version of a Disney princess.

    13. This gorgeous castle that comes with its own library.

    Craigston Castle, in Aberdeenshire, is probably the closest thing to starring in a period drama/travelling backwards in time any us mere mortals will experience. Up to 10 guests can stay here and it costs £600 per night. Backwards time travel not necessary.

    14. This gorgeous castle, which predates the United States of America.

    This 14th century castle is situated in Falkirk and is older than the nation that is the United States. It can host up to eight guests and costs £350 per night.

    15. This incredible and slightly spooky castle.

    Lickleyhead Castle is in Aberdeenshire and may or may not contain ghosts. Which is exactly what you want from a castle, really. It accommodates 14 people and costs £600 per night.

    16. This gorgeous and ornate castle that feels like a time capsule.

    Traquair House dates back to 1107. Have you ever even touched anything that old? Staying here would mean staying in a place that's older than the Magna Carta. A room here will cost you £190 per night and can accommodate up to two guests.

    17. This impressive Georgian castle that's surrounded by lochs and beaches.

    Dunskey Castle in Portpatrick is surrounded by 2,000 acres of beautiful scenery. It has nine bedrooms and can accommodate 16 guests, from £400 per night.

    18. This impeccably decorated manor.

    Colstoun, in East Lothian, accommodates 16 guests and costs £150 per night. It also has a gigantic animal skull in the hall and an incredibly long dining table, which are surely the two most decadent and regal features a house can have.