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    21 Pictures That Prove Samoyeds Are Perfect In Every Way

    They're perfect in every way.

    1. Samoyeds are the fluffiest things to walk this planet.

    2. They're also the smiliest creatures on this planet.

    3. Have you ever seen something or someone ever look so happy???

    4. Just look at him!

    5. They'll protect you from fierce crustaceans.

    6. They may shed a lot of hair, but that's only to give you lots of material for a lovely new jumper.

    7. They're stylish, too.

    8. And considerate.

    9. And handsome to boot.

    10. They're basically like real-life teddy bears.

    11. So sweet and gentle.

    12. Such perfect fluffy clouds.

    13. Tiny little polar bear cubs or samoyed pups? We'll never know.

    14. They have a deep appreciation for nature.

    15. They're the princesses of the canine world, really.

    16. This is what angels look like, probably.

    17. And they're wonderful gift-givers.

    18. They're adventurous, too.

    21. This is the ideal life.