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21 Things Literally Everyone Who Used To Work In Retail Does

You have retail muscle memory and finger-space everything.

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1. Actually pick things up if you accidentally drop them and put them back on the hanger.

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2. And make sure to put the hanger facing the right direction.

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3. And you also make an effort to put things back on the hanger after trying them on.

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4. Always return your changing room number.

5. Leave the changing rooms in general in a perfect state.


To save some poor soul from tidying up all the stuff you didn't buy.

6. You mindlessly finger-space everything while browsing.

Can't turn off the finger spacing. #retailmusclememory

7. Get annoyed at any other customers who don't put things on the hanger properly.

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8. Just pay so much more attention to hangers than any person who hasn't been scarred by retail work.


9. Feel guilty if you unfold anything.

10. Try to fold things back up properly but do a shit job of it and feel more guilty.

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11. Reach peak guilt when you accidentally make eye contact with an employee while trying to fold something up shoddily and you both know they're the one who will have to fix it.


12. Know not to walk in two minutes before the store closes.


13. And definitely know not to use your phone while being served.

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Because you know how rude and annoying it is.

14. Then always say thank you to the cashier.

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15. Feel super guilty when you don't buy something after someone helped you loads.

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16. Quietly judge substandard service.

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17. Quietly judge bad merchandising.

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18. Quietly judge employees who don't serve you and lose out on that sweet, sweet commission.

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19. But then immediately remember all the times you were a rubbish retail worker and stop being so judgmental.

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20. Exchange a knowing look of sympathy with a particularly miserable-looking employee.

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21. Until you remember their 40% discount and feel more jealous than sympathetic.

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