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    18 Nail Art Ideas That'll Make You Want To Use Every Nail Polish In Your Collection

    There is no such thing as too much colour.

    1. These split colour, tonal nails:

    2. These jewel-shade nails:

    3. The summery, pastel nails:

    4. These matte, earthy tones:

    5. These metallic, cuticle-lined nails:

    6. This cute rainbow pedicure:

    7. These muted shades:

    8. These simple, warm-toned nails:

    9. This unusual colour combination:

    10. These neon, matte tonal nails:

    11. These fun, split colour nails:

    12. These muted tones:

    13. This earthy collection of colours:

    14. These rich, deep shades:

    15. These matte tones that look like little pebbles:

    16. This really neat and unusual selection of colours:

    17. These nails, where each nail is a different shade:

    18. And finally, these neon pastel nails: