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18 Things You'll Know If You Secretly Never Got Into "Harry Potter"

You feel a little bit like you're betraying your generation by not liking it.

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11. It's not that you meant to abandon it, but the internet gave away the whole plotline via memes anyway, so now you feel like there's no point in trying to finish the series.

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I mean, I know that Dumbledore dies and Snape isn't all that bad, apparently?

12. You feel slightly guilty for not appreciating all the things an HP fan would love.

I went to Edinburgh University, where the student union actually looks like part of Hogwarts and where J.K. Rowling wrote this beloved series, and let me tell you my friends, I was not that fussed.


18. Anyway, the Philip Pullman books were way better.

Parallel worlds > broomsticks.