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    18 Things You'll Know If You Secretly Never Got Into "Harry Potter"

    You feel a little bit like you're betraying your generation by not liking it.

    1. You understand that this is a franchise that's important to many people and was very formative to them.

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    2. You, however, can leave it or take it.


    Mostly leave it tbh.

    3. That's not to say you even dislike it, you just don't like it quite as much as some people.

    Except obviously in this situation you're the ambivalent friend.

    4. Or maybe you just genuinely never got into it, not even as a child.


    5. The hype around it just puts you off actually giving it another go.

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    6. But admitting this seems deeply taboo.

    Twitter: @deathbykhorne / BuzzFeed

    It feels like you're betraying your generation.

    7. You've probably never fully owned up to your ambivalence/dislike/burning hatred for the franchise.

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    8. You may have never even finished the books.

    I can hear the audible gasps of disgust and astonishment from you, the reader, already.

    9. Or even started them at all.

    Fox Network

    [Disgust and astonishment intensifies]

    10. You may have never even watched the films.

    Or fell asleep halfway during the third one.

    11. It's not that you meant to abandon it, but the internet gave away the whole plotline via memes anyway, so now you feel like there's no point in trying to finish the series.

    Warner Bros.

    I mean, I know that Dumbledore dies and Snape isn't all that bad, apparently?

    12. You feel slightly guilty for not appreciating all the things an HP fan would love.

    13. You don't understand how people can be so obsessed with something that technically ended nearly a decade ago.


    14. You're astonished at how much stuff is Harry Potter-themed now.

    There is no escape.

    15. You really don't find the cast as charming as some people do.


    Can they please just go.

    16. You're also amazed at how many conspiracy theories and fan-fictions people can create from just seven books.

    20th Century Fox

    It's not that much content, if you think about it!!

    17. But you're kind of jealous of the enthusiasm that surrounds the whole franchise.

    You wish you could have held on to some fragment of your childhood in the same way.

    18. Anyway, the Philip Pullman books were way better.



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