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    19 Pictures That Prove Pigeons Do Not Give The Slightest Of Fucks

    They deserve our respect for it.

    1. In case you haven't noticed, pigeons do not give a fuck.

    2. Not even a tiny little fuck.

    3. They will sit or stand anywhere.

    4. Including other pigeons.

    5. They will not only sit on anything, but lay an egg right there too.

    6. They're just going to go ahead and lay that egg, and you're going to have to deal with it.

    7. They know our rules don't apply to them.

    8. Even if they occasionally go a little too far.

    9. You can't provoke a pigeon, because pigeons don't give a fuck.

    10. Not only that, but they're incredibly stylish, and they do not give a fuck what you think about their style choices.

    11. They're glamorous VIPs and should be treated as such.

    12. I mean, look at this entrance!

    13. They're not afraid to be innovative with their accessorising.

    14. Truly couture.

    15. But they can be very civil and organised when it's required of them.

    16. Like during this open air pigeon concert, complete with perfect spotlighting.

    17. They're clearly musically gifted.

    18. They're contemplative, too.

    19. But of course, no matter how few fucks they give, they too know what it is to suffer.